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Nappy Leaks

Nappy Leaks Podcast

Cloth Nappies Overview

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This time Vicki and Vashti talk about all the different types of cloth nappies. From traditional to modern cloth nappies. Or as some people call them reusable nappies.

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What Reusable Nappies Are Made Of

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This week Vashti and Vicki dive deep into the fabrics that are used to make modern cloth nappies. Explaining the long term environmental impact of all the fabrics and giving you the knowledge to know which fabric to have in your cloth nappies.

Questions And Answers

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This week Vashti and Vicki answer some questions put forward by long term cloth nappy users. The questions they ask are things they were concerned about before they became full time cloth nappy users.

What You Need To Have On Hand When You Change A Cloth Nappy

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This week Vicki and Vashti cover what do you need on hand when changing a reusable nappy. Just general things that you’d like to have close at hand when you’re changing a nappy. Like change table, wipes and clean cloth nappy.

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